The road to nirvana

My journey into Photography, Horology, and Audiophilia

2010 audio setup

My audio nirvana

My musical satisfaction can now be described in a word, realism. This what I think I achieved with the latest incarnation of my audio setup. 

The equipment:

  • DIY speakers with Altec 406-8Y 10" woofers, Oxford mid horns, Fostex FT-17H super tweeters on Altec 614 cabinet
  • Naim NAIT 5i integrated amplifier
  • Clearaudio Champion Magnum
    •  Clearaudio Tangent tonearm
    •  Trasfiguration Axia cartridge
  • Harman Kardon HD-750 HDCD player
  • Clearaudio Basic Symmetry phonostage
  • Cables
    • NAC A5 speaker cable
    • Naim RCA to DIN from phonostage
    • Verbatim RCA to RCA from CD player
    • DIY DIN to RCA from turntable to phonostage