The road to nirvana

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My journey into Photography, Horology, and Audiophilia

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  • DIY Audio
    A very popular forum for DIY builders of all kind.
  • Audio Asylum
    An international forum for discussing anything about audio.
  • Headwize
    Everything about headphones, including a DIY section.
  • Wiredstate
    A forum for the Filipino audio enthusiast, mostly high-end systems.
  • PinoyDVD
    Another forum for the Filipino audio enthusiast, mostly home theater.
  • All About Circuits
    A definitive site to resources for Electrical Engineers.
  • Architectural Audio
    These guys have been my "drugstore" for audio gears, look for Nico or Epoy.
  • Music Haven
    Owner Rene Rivo is a master craftsman, and will surely put a smile on your face should you commission him to create your tube equipment.


The preceding list contains the websites that I normally visit to interact, or just get additional information from.