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The Clearaudio Tangent tonearm

I heard from the grapevine that the guy who sold me the Sigma is contemplating on getting a Graham tonearm, so I sent feelers that I'm interested in his Clearaudio Tangent tonearm.

This is a mechanical linear tracking tonearm, in contrast to the air bearing design used in the Eminent Technology. Funds are limited as the Tangent is more expensive, and that led me to sell the ET 2.5 to fund the acquisition of the Tangent.

Luckily, the arm board that was included in my Champion package is for any of clearaudio's tangential tonearms. That's why, mounting the Tangent was a breeze.

However, after a few months, I thought that the diagonally mounted Tangent arm was a bit awkward, so I used the same acrylic "diving board" that served duty for the ET on the Tangent arm this time. I thought it looks better, and the new position is more "natural."

I also wall mounted the turntable using piece of MDF I salvaged from our office. I found useful brackets from TrueValue and I was able to mount it perfectly as shown.

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