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AKG K-240 Studio Mod


This mod will not change the general character of the AKG K-240S, which is full-bodied, rounded sound.

Mod goal

The goal of this modification is to-

  • add  more highs
  • tune the bass

Add more highs

This is relatively easy. All you have to do is remove the synthetic leather cups, and the foam covering the drivers. Here they are removed from the main unit.

Once you re-attach the pads, less the foam, the highs will audibly improve already. You can also replace the foam with another material, such as those used for speaker grill covers.

The type and character of the material will affect the highs.

Tune the bass

The next part is to tune the bass, which is determined by the white, thin, semi-plastic covering the ducts around the drivers. It is relatively easy to remove, and can be reversed.

Here's the picture while still attached to the unit.


When this cover is removed, the sound will be hollow and the bass becomes thin. So, experimenting with different materials will let you find the effect you desire.

I made a replacement using this anti-static material which normally comes with PC motherboards. The original one is on top of the fabricated replacement.

Attach it to the driver assembly, as shown in the following photo.

With this material, the bass now offers more depth, and articulation. However, it is too much to suit my taste. I'm still experimenting with other materials.


While I understand the depth of R&D AKG did with the original materials that came with the K240S, I now understand what they do to the sound reproduction.

So there, if you have patience and a lot of time, this mod will surely consume all of that.