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CMoy Headphone Amplifier

I've made more than three dozen CMoy amplifiers as a community service to a local forum that I am a member of.  These came in different iterations and they all work nicely.

Rather than repeat all the good instructions about building this popular headphone amp, I will just show you how my builds looked like.

Here's my first build, a "nude" version. It has all the connectors and controls on a tiny PCB.

I used this together with my notebook and HD-201 headphone.

My next build was designed to be enclosed in an Altoid can. I made it very small and now uses ALPS volume control.

The input and output connectors are wired to the main PCB, and there is a 9V battery clip from RSComponents. It is a nice clip actually.

It looks like this when screwed to the Altoids tin can. The next picture is how it looks from the outside.

I made another one with some boutique parts and rechargeable battery. The plastic case was given by  friend and was bought in Hong Kong. I used the same layout as my previous one, but this build incorporates a power switch at the other end.

I haven't found a knob yet, so this one is somewhat "bare" looking, but good sounding.