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γ1 build

I'm so pleased with the sonic quality of the Mini3 so I decided to mate it with another product from AMB Laboratories.

Here's my assembly of the γ1 from AMB Laboratories.

I ordered all the parts for the full configuration, minus the plates, that are available from AMB Laboratories.

Click for larger view

I'm not yet sure if I'm going to build it with configuration E (S/PDIF DAC only) or configuration A (full) or F (full++). Having all the parts for the full configuration will save me time and postage, so why not go for it.

The order arrived in less than two weeks and here are some pictures of the parts.


These are the SMD chips.


The high quality PCB, top and bottom, respectively.


These are the additional parts one has to order from Farnell. Please note that some parts have MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 10 or 5. You can use these excess later for other projects or another Mini3.