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Review: Citizen BJ7010-59E Nighthawk

My affinity and loyalty to the brand was because of one thing - it simply never stops, perhaps better than the Energizer Bunny. While Citizen's Eco-drive is not the only method that will power a watch forever, I've been appreciative of the technology, and has not failed one bit for over 10 years. The quartz movement still has a long way to go for appreciation by serious horologists. I won't go for any quartz anyway, even if it's TAG, Omega, or Rolex. I'll take the Eco-drive anytime.

My other Citizen Eco-drive Caliber 7878 has faithfully served for over ten years, where the only issue I had through very rough use were the scratches on the bezel insert and a visible scratch on the crystal. Finally, I grabbed one, of the two Eco-drive models that I have been lusting for.

There are a couple of Nighthawks that Citizen released, and having accepted the fact that I won't get my hands on a Japanese domestic market Nighthawk, I set my eyes on the Asian release.

Here she is, the Asian version Citizen Nighthawk, BJ7010-59E.

A different kind of packaging

The watch did not have a usual box, and instead came with a CD-case like "kit" containing a tool for removing the springbar should one choose to change the bracelet, the manual, warranty card, and an extra synthetic leather strap.

The Package

What's Inside The Case

Features that I like
  • Eco-drive!
  • 24-hour dial
  • Aviation slide rule
This watch uses Caliber B877 that provides the time functionality in local time hour, minute, and second, 24-hour indicator, and calendar date. Citizen claims performance of ±15sec/month (within a normal temperature range of +5°C/41°F to +35°C/ 95°F). The operational temperature range is -10°C/14°F~+60°C/140°F.

The good thing about the 24-hour dial is that it can be adjusted independently, thus operation in dual time is possible. While the slide rule is a cool feature, I may not even use it. I like it as I presume it makes me smarter. I just hope that no one asks "so, can you show me how to calculate the ground speed of an object traveling at...." Aaaargh!

Finish and quality

The watch theme is brushed stainless steel, the body, bezel, caseback, links, and deployant clasp. There are two crowns, one in the usual 3 o'clock position, and one in the 8 o'clock positions. The former is used for the usual time and date adjustment, and the latter is for operating the sliderule. Both crowns are ribbed.

I prefer the over-all effect which is not too shiny.

I like the ribbed crown as it allows more grip, not that it actually requires force to rotate it. The main crown is screw-down type, and takes about 1 1/2 turns to lock in. A bit "shallow" compared to my other Diver's Eco-drive.

The detail is superb, and the dial face which hides the solar cell looks pretty cool in black. If there's one imperfection I found thru my macro lens, that is a white dot on the side of the red hand of the 24-hour indicator.

Here are some macro shots of the watch.

The 24-hour Dial

Rotating Aviation Sliderule

The Case and Crown

Bracelet and Deployant
I'm very pleased with the quality of the watch.

Fit and feel

The Nighthawk is a bit chunky and weighty. Not as heavy as the other watches that I have, but noticeably heavy. Here is the wrist shot. Bottom line is it looks good and feels good.

Wrist shot

The Citizen BJ7010-59E is a very likeable watch. It has very good quality, and looks good. This one is another keeper.