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Impressions: clearaudio Outerlimit

September 2, 2005

Do you have a prized record but warped? Not willing to bake it in the oven?

Then try this...

This is my Puff Daddy (yeah, it's very valuable to me :lol:) record that is warped. Without a record clamp, this is what it looks like.


With my Living Voice record clamp, here is how it looks. Duh! Still warped!


With the Clearaudio Outer Limit pressing on it, this is how it looks like now.


So what benefits to you get from this accessory?

In my experience, they are:

  • protection to your cartridge's cantilever. You wouldn't want to drive your Ferrari on the moon would you?
  • correct azimuth when playing. now that the record is flatter, your stylus will track it better and imaging potentially improves.
  •  flywheel effect. but whether or not that actually contributes to the stability of the spinning of the platter, i have no way of measuring.



  •  this accessory will not help badly warped records, i.e., those that look like a roller coaster. I have another prized record- Irene Cara's Flashdance :lol: that is so warped, not only vertically, but even horizontally. Roller coaster and zig-zag in one! I wonder how they were able to make a record like that :?

If you're interested, contact George Mabasa.