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Impressions: Coincident Triumph Signature

May 16, 2003

I heard this pair at a friend's listening room and i was stunned by their soundstaging and imaging capabilities which led me to start this topic - viewtopic.php?t=625

Joey was very kind to trust me and lent me his pair for audition, in my room, using my gear.

The Coincident Triumph Signature speaker is the cheapest and smallest model in Coincident's line of speakers. One thing that really caught my fancy about these speakers is the claim by its designer Israel Blume that the impedance over the frequency range is between 7 ohms to 8.5 ohms, making these speakers SET-friendly speakers.

Though rated at 94dB sensitivity, these speakers do not possess the sensitivity of horn-loaded designs most SET users long for, which is in the 98dB to over 100dB range. I do not have the space and craving for these big horn-loaded speakers, which makes the Triumph Signatures more appealing to me, at least in form.

It didn't take me long to find the position that would make the pair throw an excellent soundstage in my room. Though not as wide, deep and high as i've heard in Joey's place, it is thus far the best soundstaging i have achieved in my room, and very convincing at that, they disappear.

I played Agunas De Marco from Trio Esperanca's Segundo CD and it reinforces what I previously heard at Joey's place. This trio from Brasil has voices so lovely that you wouldn't miss the musical instruments at all. On my present speakers, there is still a tendency for the voices to "smear," but not on the Coincident. One of my favorite pop group CD, Roxette's Don't Bore Us, Get To The Chorus proved once again the impressive soundstaging and imaging capabilities of the Triumph Signature. As I play Almost Unreal and Listen To Your Heart, I relived the memories and the feeling of being in their concert at the Folk Arts Theater on a Valentines Day.

And so it is now obvious that I fell for the Coincident's capability to deliver a great soundstage and pin point imaging.

Moving onwards, I played Livingston Taylor's Grandma's Hands from The Ultimate Demonstration Disk CD. And so Russell, I am pleased to inform you that this pair does have body and thickness on the finger snaps. I also heard the inconsistencies in the way the fingers snap so clear that I myself was caught by surprise.

The Triumph Signature makes use of proprietary 1" silk dome Vifa tweeter and SEAS woofer. I do have preference for high frequency extension, but I also know when it is too much for me. One recording which may not appeal to many is Boston's Greatest Hits due to the apparent brightness of the recording. Although I am not complaining on how the C.M.M.D. tweeters of my Infinity Kappa delivers such highs on this recording, the Coincident's soft dome tweeter has a distinct advantage of rendering the highs in a more refined, smoother way and does so without loosing detail.

I promised Joey that I would never play 1812 Overture and he's in luck because I don't have such a CD or Vinyl. My vinyl copy of 1812 Overture is the wimpy version - no cannons! However, I have Rammstein's Feuer Frei (if you've seen the movie Triple X, you should know this track), Animal Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal and Marilyn Manson's Nobodys - these are some of my reference tracks in auditioning speakers. I bought the Infinity Kappa because in my subjective evaluation, this is the speaker that sounded best for such music. So am I disappointed with the Coincident in this area? Not really, but this is the area where it did not convincingly win by a big margin over the Kappa. I don't mean that the Coincident does not do bass, it does, in fact it does bass as good or even better than the Kappa when I played Erasure's Give A Little Respect on vinyl.

The sales pitch of Coincident is targeted to SET users, but what the heck, I connected it to my idle Anthem Amp 1 and Pre 1L combo. In goes Susan Wong and what the hell is happening, this ultralinear push pull amp is making the Triumph Signature sing! I have never heard the Anthems sound so good.

Highly recommended!

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The equipment configuration:


HD 750 HDCD player -> Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 -> DIY 2A3
Oracle Delphi Mk II -> Musical Fidelity X-LP -> Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 -> DIY 2A3


HD 750 HDCD player -> Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 -> Anthem Pre 1L -> Silver Audio Silver Bullet 4.0 -> Anthem Amp 1

* The speaker cable is Analysis Plus Oval 12 in all tests