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First impressions: Loth-X BS-1

March 25, 2003

I had this pair in my scope and hard bent on getting a high-efficiency speaker, I had to wait for many minutes for the owner to arrive and open the door in his store at Adelphi.


  • Excellent in vocals
  • Effortless reproduction, no strain


  • Weak bass, no slam and depth

The BS-1 was connected to a 12wpc push-pull tube amp, a no-brand CD player, and a Sony  turntable.

The vocals are just captivating! It's like the performer is in the room, big sound coming from such a small pair of speaker. The detail and resolution in mid range is excellent, it's like real. The highs are airy, non-metallic (it has silk dome tweeters) and non-fatiguing. In fact, I listened for more than an hour. Best mid range experience i heard so far including the Klipsch, Kappa, Lowther and Sonus Faber. Due to this experience, i was prepared to buy it for SGD700 and take it home.

Though i have no way of measuring the sensitivity, I am under the impression that the claimed 94dB is just right. It was effortlessly driven by the small tube amp.

We played many vocal tracks and instrumentals, and in each track, the speakers gave a convincing performance.

If this is my only musical preference, i'll be in heaven. Unfortunately, not. When we played some classic rock tracks by Little Ceasar and Warrant, i had difficulty in appreciating the sound. It's bass is weak (could be to positioning?) and has no apparent slam and depth. (Sigh) I was prepared for a compromise (thinner bass for the vocals) but even with "bassy" cuts like hip-hop, it still doesn't make it, for me at least.

I was in a dilemma - here I am with a speaker that is efficient, and has excellent vocals, but that's it. Sigh, if only....

I did not buy it, i wish i did, but i will have so much compromise, but i like it, but i can't buy it... damn.