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Tethering the mu-so to the Honor 6

January 14, 2015

While I have a Wi-Fi network at home, it is not connected to the internet because I do not subscribe to a home DSL. Most of the time I am mobile and that's why I prefer to have a solid LTE performance from a device. Gladly, I have the Honor 6.

At home, I simply tether my devices, primarily the Surface Pro and Surface RT to a mobile phone for internet access.

The mu-so has two features that will require internet access, the iRadio and Spotify Connect. Here's how I configured the mu-so to tether to the Honor 6.

Before we start, here are the roles my devices are tasked to do-

  • Honor 6 as the internet gateway with Wi-Fi hotspot already configured and let's call it "MySpot"
  • iPhone 5S (or an iPad) as the configuration and controller device

If you don't have an iOS device, you can still perform step 5 using a web browser by connecting to the mu-so network SSID (in the format Mu-so-XXXX-Setup) and browsing to which is the mu-so setup page.

  1. Turn on the mobile data connection on the Honor 6, make sure you have LTE (4G) signal.
  2. On the Honor 6, turn on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi on the iPhone and join "MySpot" and make sure you stay on the Wi-Fi settings screen.
  4. My mu-so is currently connected to my home Wi-Fi which is a different network, so we need to configure the mu-so to join "MySpot" network. Use the pin-tool and quickly press and release the pin-hole.
  5. The mu-so LED indicator should show flashing purple that indicates it is in network setup mode. On the iPhone, select the SET UP NEW AIRPLAY SPEAKER item and you will see the mu-so in the list. Select the mu-so for setup, and follow the instructions. And this is why we need an iOS device, as it now instructs the mu-so to join the network "MySpot" as required.
  6. The mu-so LED should turn to white (the light cycle may show flashing Orange, then Purple, and finally White)

The tethering configuration is done and I can now enjoy the online services Spotify Connect and iRadio.