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AKG K-240 Studio Mod, part 2


This mod will change the general character of the AKG K-240S, which you may, or may not like.

Mod goal

The goal of this modification is to alter the default character of the K-240S.

If you still look for a change in the sound of the K-240S despite applying the mods in Part 1, read on.

The key to the K-240S character

The pads and to a little extent, the foams, dictate the over all character of the K-240S sound signature.

Once you change these to a different material, you take away the sonic signature.

Making your own pads

I've played with a few materials, and found out that the following suits my listening taste.

  • multi-purpose sponge, 100mm x 140mm x 40mm
  • black women's stocking
  • anti-static material found in PCs
  • Elmer's washable school glue gel

Cutting the sponge to a round shape with a hole is done using a sharp cutter. But even then, it's very raw and ragged. Trim it further with kitchen scissors.

Cut a long length from the black stockings, which is used to wrap around the sponge. This I find to give smooth and delicate highs.

Glue the cut anti-static material I mentioned in part 1, and using the glue gel, attached it firmly to one side of the sponge.

It will look like this.


Attach it to the K-240S as seen in the picture.

I did not glue it yet hoping I can soon find a suitable material that will look more decent.


With this mod, I am able to experience improvement in the following areas-

  • airier top end, with smoothness and fine delicate reproduction
  • none of the "cavernous" and dark character of the original pads
  • I still get full-bodied mids
  • better bass articulation and depth without being bloated and slow

So there, if you have patience and a lot of time, this mod may suit your listening preference.