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My take on the Huawei Band B0

March 29, 2016

The Huawei Band B0 is the latest addition to the firm's wearable technology. As an owner of the Talkband B2, I am keen to find out what's new or different between the two models.

My company took delivery of five B0 wearables that we're going to give away as part of our promotion so I took one out for a photo session.

Introducing, the Huawei Band B0.

Retail packaging

Inside the box I found two booklets, the magetic charger, and an extra keep.


Extra keep


The B0 shape is a departure from Huawei's previous models as this one is circular, with a size that represents vintage watches - 38mm.

The width of the strap is 9.5mm and comes in two lenghts 244.4mm and 229.4mm. Unlike the Talkband B2 that accepts after-market straps, the B0 won't or can't. The strap color selection is either black or white, and while there's a third option which is cream, it wasn't available.

There is no button! There's a pin hole to power on/off or restart the device.

Case - front


Huawei claims the wearable is made from steel and has contrasting smooth and brushed finish. It is well done  and extremely light at 25g you will easily forget your wearing it on your wrist.

Case - side

The strap is claimed to be "skin safe" but read the accompanying manual for further warnings.




I compared the Band B0 to the Talkband B2 and here's how the stack up.

  Talkband B2 Band B0
Steps, calories, distance J J
Clock J J
Sleep tracking J J
Auto sleep detection J J
Silent wake alarm J J
Floors climbed1 J  
Active minutes J J
Caller ID J J
GPS Tracking L L
Heart rate monitor L L
Direct unlock J L
Phone finder J L
Remote control camera J L
Bluetooth headset J L

1 Not tested on the B0


There are three ways to interact with the B0.

  • swipe
  • touch
  • touch and hold

To conserve battery, the OLED display is off all the time unless activated by the gestures.

There are five pages on the display, these are:

  • time (home)
  • steps
  • calories
  • sleep monitor
  • activity

To switch between them, I can swipe up or down on the display.

The home screen offers a few styles, and my favorite is the analog clock. To change the home screen style, touch and hold the screen and when a rectangular border appears, swipe up or down to pick a style.

Display - analog clock

The B0 supports Bluetooth connection with a range of 10 meters (in an open area).

Fitness mode screens:

Fitness mode - steps

Fitness mode - calories

Fitness mode - activity


I assume it has the same algorithm as the Talkband B2 for counting steps and other activities, as well as the sleep monitor.

As far as the battery life is concerned, the B0 with 70 mAh battery would last for about three days which is less than half of what I achieved with the Talkband B2. Synchronization with my phone is made daily via Bluetooth.

POGO charging


The Huawei Wear app is available from both the Apple App Store and Google Play (no love from Huawei, Windows phone users). It provides basic information for the daily activity and monthly activity classified into Fitness and Sleep.

You can integrate the data with Apple Health if your on the iOS platform, and this is where you get better information display.

User information such as name, gender, height, weight, and birthday can be saved, and fitness goal (number of steps) set.


This is a wearable, so comfort is a big thing to me and so far, the Band B0 delivers. It is light and comfortable to wear on the wrist. The adjustable strap fits just right and can even take a cold shower with it.


The price is P2,990 which is quite reasonable for the features you get.