The road to nirvana

My journey into Photography, Horology, and Audiophilia


Just like art, photography is subjective and some people would like unaltered photos and some would like to put in a little dressing thru post processing. I have an open mind and would welcome post-processing to give a different flavor to some of my photos.

Color Isolation 

Let me start with one of the most popular effect we see in photos- black and white photo with a colored area. It is often called Color Isolation. While there are different ways to do this, I use these steps because I'm lazy.

"Red Shoe"


I like shooting volleyball, women's volleyball that is. And in some situations I'd like to emphasize the action, by putting in artificial blur. The following steps are so easy, you can apply the effect in no time at all.

Mary Jane "MJ" Pepito


Another popular effect is the Pop-out effect. Here's my 12-steps to pop-out effect that's very easy to follow.


Cloning is also popular which allows one to put the same object (such as yourself) in different positions on the same setting. Let's start cloning!